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Cleaning Car Picture

Keeping Car Clean Protects
Vehicle Investment

Care Care Council tells you why keeping your vehicle clean inside and out can pay big dividends.

Car Care Center Testimonials

Car Care Center Member Testimonials

Hear testimonials from Car Care Center Members about how all of these great benefits can help your shop thrive.


The Labor Rate: Where
We Stand in 2020

Bodyshop Business why it’s time for shops to understand their economics and get paid for all the procedures they do.


Temporary Store
Hour Changes

Due to COVID-19, Smyth Auto Parts has altered hours of our stores. Check for more details.

Paint Care Tips

Meguiar’s 5 Steps
to Paint Care

It's important to care for the paint on your new or used vehicle to keep it looking its best, both short and longer-term.

Air Filter Maintenance

Car Care Tips –
Air Filter Maintenance

Care Care Council asks this question: Is it time to replace your air filter?

Listen to your brakes

The Counterman -
Listen to Your Brakes

Brake systems give warning signs when something is wrong – are your customers paying attention to the signals?

Summer Road Trips

Get Your Customers Ready
for Summer Road Trips

Vehicle checks are essential to avoid the hassle and unexpected expense of car trouble away from home.