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Icy Roads

How To Drive Safely
On Icy Roads

If you have to venture out in icy weather, follow these tips so you make it to your destination safely.

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Car Care Center Member Testimonials

Hear testimonials from Car Care Center Members about how all of these great benefits can help your shop thrive.

Lucas Oil Diesel Anti-Gel

Featured Product – Lucas Oil Anti-Gel

Cold weather is here, and our friends at Lucas Oil are here to help your diesel vehicles run it’s best this winter.

 Battery Care and Maintenance

Proper Battery Care
and Maintenance

Proper battery care is crucial to maintain proper vehicle performance and battery life.

ANCO Winter Wiper Blades

Help Your Wipers Survive Winter

Our friends at ANCO Wipers have great tips to keep your wiper blades in good shape for winter.

Cabin Air Filter

Why you Should Change
Your Cabin Air Filter

Changing your cabin air filter needs to be a part of the regular maintenance of your vehicle.

National Safety Council

Be Prepared For
Winter Driving

The National Safety Council has great tips on how to be ready for winter driving.

PPG Omni refinish

PPG Omni®
Refinish System

The Omni® refinish system offers performance and value for the cost-conscious repair shop.