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How to Clean Your Car
of the Coronavirus

This article from Kelley Blue Book explains how to clean your car to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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Hear testimonials from Car Care Center Members about how all of these great benefits can help your shop thrive.


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Call ahead or order online to have your parts/accessories ready for curbside pickup at any of our locations.


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Due to COVID-19, Smyth Auto Parts will be temporarily closing some store locations.


National Safety Council - Motorcycle Safety

Spring is here! It is everyone's responsibility to stay safe on the road.

April Car Care Month

"Normal" is coming back!
Will your car be ready?

Don't wait for a breakdown. Follow these tips to make sure your car is ready for everyday travel.

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New Car Care

Meguiar's - Car Care

Getting a new car is always exciting. It’s also the best time to begin to develop an regular routine for your car's appearance.