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Temporary Store
Hour Changes

Due to COVID-19, Smyth Auto Parts has altered hours of our stores. Check for more details.

Repair America Network Sweepstakes

Repair America 2020
Sanibel Island

Participate in a 2 month promotion where 10 winners will be chosen to attend the 2021 AVI Conference in Fort Myers.

Automotive Chemicals

Every Chemical
Has A Job

Additives, cleaners, penetrants, lubricants, waxes or polishes, are all designed for a specific need or purpose.

C CAR Logo

Practices & Training

CCAR has released of COVID-19 best practice guidelines and online training for automotive technology educators.

ABC Blocks

Learn the ABCs
Of Car Care

Back-to-school season is the ideal time to review your ABCs; the ABCs of car care, that is.

Dorman VVT

Why You Should Choose A Dorman Engine VVT

Learn more about how VVT technology maximizes performance and reduces consumption and emissions

road safety

Ford Tests Out Tech to Foresee Traffic Incidents

Ford is developing an innovative predictive road safety tool which could help make travel in cities safer.

Brake Job

Brake Job: Comeback
Or Regular Service

All shops want to see a customer again, but not for a brake comeback.